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Thank you for showing interest in donating! Your support helps us keep the server online and allows us to spend our time to create great content for you to enjoy. Ranks purchased on this site are forever and we try to recreate an environment where the game is fun for everyone. We hope you will continue to enjoy our servers!

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Refund Policy

We have a strict no-refund policy, any donations made to MineCrafterCity are final. Chargebacks will result in a permanent (IP) ban from our servers. We can be lenient under special circumstances, but please contact our support centre.

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By donating you support our server in creating the best possible content for your and other players' entertainment. With the donation money we pay our blazing fast servers, domains, creators and more.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions please contact our support centre or come and ask us the question in-game.

I have donated before... Do I pay less when upgrading?

Yes, If you have purchased any ranks in the past, that amount will be subtracted from any future rank upgrades. You won't have to pay the whole amount for the upgrade.

Are donations rewarded instantly?

Yes! You will be automatically upgraded instantly.

Are ranks forever?